Can Dogs Eat Eggplant
Can Dog Eat

Can Dogs Eat Eggplant (Benefits And Side Effects)

Eggplant is a veggie that is full of B6 and K, folate, potassium, niacin, and phytonutrients. And thus it is indeed a, Yes! good to serve veggie to your dog. However, it has also been seen that pets often reacted unfairly towards this veggy.

Considering this, many pet owners keep searching for the exact information on Can dog eat eggplant?” Are eggplants safe for dogs? And many more questions related to that.

Hence, we have come up with this good read that will highlight the benefits of feeding eggplants to dogs as well as the side effects of eggplant for dogs so that as a pet parent you can be confident enough to serve eggplant in the right way.

Nutritional Value of Eggplant

Eggplant is considered extremely nutritious and also has beneficial minerals and vitamins. Sources say that it has 99 grams of nutrition. So let’s have a look at the nutrients present in Eggplant in the breakdown table below. And later you can decide for yourself: “Is eggplant good for dogs?

Protein0.82 grams 
Fat0.23 grams
Carbohydrates ( 3.17 grams are Sugars)8.64 grams 
Potassium188 milligrams
Dietary Fiber2.5 grams
Calcium 6 milligrams
Zinc 0.12 milligrams
Sodium1 milligram
Iron0.25 milligrams
Vitamin C1.3 milligrams
Phosphorus15 milligrams
Magnesium11 milligrams
Vitamin B685 micrograms
Folate14 micrograms
Vitamin K2.9 micrograms

Apart from these nutrients and minerals, each Eggplant also is rich in Vitamin A and has flavonoids like anthocyanins.

What are flavonoids?

Well, they are responsible for giving purple color to Eggplant and also are a pigment, which offers various health benefits. 

Now, in the next section, let’s check out and discuss the health benefit of Eggplant for dogs and the pros of these listed nutrients in detail.

Benefits of Feeding Eggplants To Dogs

Health benefits of Eggplant for dogs The nutritional value of Eggplant for dogs makes this fruit a healthy snacking option as long as they’re not allergic to it. Here are some health benefits this power-packed food carries for your fur buddy.

1. Aids indigestion 

As we saw in the previous section, Eggplant is high in dietary fiber. Due to that, your furry mates can have a regular and happy bowel movement.

Moreover, it solidifies the stools and forms a firm stool. It is done to keep your pet’s intestines clean.

2. Reduces blood pressure 

The next benefit is that Eggplant helps dogs suffering from blood pressure.

How does it work?

The micronutrients and anthocyanins in the Eggplant relax the blood vessels, eases hypertension, and reduce blood pressure. 

3. Improving cardiac health 

Did you know that Eggplant contains chemicals and nutrients like Potassium, fiber, phytonutrients, vitamin B6, and vitamin C that improve heart health by absorbing excess cholesterol?

Well, now you know! 

These chemicals further absorb excess cholesterol in your pooch’s blood. Gradually, it reduces blood pressure. 

4. Preventing cell aging                                                                              

Eggplant can stop cell aging, and we will tell you how. It contains lots of phytochemicals that prevent degeneration and aging.

This veggie also contains antioxidants that counter the harmful effects of free radicals in your pet’s body. Thus, it helps in prolonging cells’ lives and prevents them from aging.

5. Helping with weight loss 

The eggplant is high in fiber and low in fat conten, which makes it a perfect edible item for your canine buddy. The best thing about fiber is that it can keep your pet’s tummy full throughout the day and hunger in control.

Moreover, it improves overall gut health.

6. Preventing cancer 

Just like humans, even dogs have a chance of getting cancer. Don’t worry! You can add eggplant to your diet to keep this disease at bay.

How does eggplant help in preventing cancer?

Well, it has phenols and chlorogenic acid, which prevents the cancerous growth and formation of tumors in your little pals.

7. Snappy muscle and nerve function 

Did you know that one serving of eggplant contains 188 mg of potassium?

Intrigued, right?

Well, this mineral helps to improve the electrical transmission between your pal’s nerves, heart, and muscles.

8. Relaxes blood vessels

Eggplant reduces hypertension as it relaxes blood cells.

9. Improves brain health

The nutrients present in an eggplant improve the brain health of your pet. Nasunin is a phytochemical, which is credible for preventing brain damage and improving brain functions.

So eggplant is not only an ideal diet snack, but also fights against viral infections, bad cholesterol levels, harmful bacteria, and cancer. Plus, it will do wonders, if you add this fruit to your overweight pet’s diet list.

Moving ahead with all the important benefits, sometimes, you may find your pup not liking this veggie at all.

One of the reasons can be it tastes like dogs Iike grilled, baked, or roasted eggplant only in most cases. And, sometimes they show some symptoms like an upset stomach, vomiting, etc.

Having mentioned that, this gives rise to a concerning question that is “is eggplant bad for dogs in any way?”Or a question might have popped into your mind, that is: “Will Eggplant make my dog sick?

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Risks of Feeding Your Dog With Eggplant

Most of the time, eggplant is a nutritious meal for your pets. However, in some cases, it can cause allergic reactions to your pets.  So how to tell if Eggplant is bad for dogs?

Well. below we have shared five Side-Effects of Eggplant for Dogs:

1. Iron deficiency

The eggplant has a nasunin compound that absorbs iron from blood cells. Thus it can lead to iron deficiency in your pets.

2. Inflammation

The eggplant has oxalate content which can cause inflammation in some pets.

3. Indigestion

Though solanine is present in a tiny amount in the eggplant, it can upset your pet’s stomach, if given in larger amounts.

4. Reduced calcium absorption

The eggplant contains oxalates that can prevent the blood from absorbing calcium and deposit unwanted calcium in the body.

5. Sodium poisoning

It is perfectly fine to include a small amount of sodium in your pooch’s diet. But feeding high amounts of eggplants can lead to sodium poisoning.

6. Rashes on the skin

Sometimes, consuming eggplants can also develop rashes on the dog’s skin.

7. Swelling in the throat

Eggplant can cause swelling in your pet’s throat. Thus, it will make it your pooch difficult to breathe.

8. Itchiness

If you see your pet itching continuously after you feed them eggplant, then the main villain here is eggplant. If you are pet sensitive to a socific food? Then feeding the eggplant can be very dangerous for pets with certain ailments.

Moving ahead, you should also be well aware of “When shouldn’t you feed Eggplant to your dog since there can be some Allergic Reactions to Eggplant

When shouldn’t you feed Eggplant to your dog

When shouldn’t you feed Eggplant to your dog

1. Arthritis

The high concentration of oxalates can aggravate the swelling and inflammation in your pooch, who is already suffering from arthritis.

This veggie belongs to a nightshade family, and its branch has high amounts of alkaloids, which can make your dog suffer more.


  • Joint pain.
  • Discomfort walking and standing.
  • Swollen joints.

2. Allergies

As we discussed earlier, Eggplant is a part of a nightshade family, which also has other members like potatoes, tomatoes, and peppers.

So if your pet is allergic to any of these veggies, then there are high chances that eggplant won’t suit his diet.


  • Rash.
  • Swelling.
  • Difficulty breathing.
  • Vomiting.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Itching.

3. Kidney and bladder stones

As the oxalate reduces the calcium absorption in the blood, the calcium content gets deposited in your furry mate’s gall bladder and kidney.

Does your baby pet have a history of such issues?

Then avoid eggplant at all costs!

If you don’t, then it can lead to acute oxalate nephropathy or kidney failure.


  • Pain when urinating.
  • Blood in the urine.
  • Difficulty peeing.
  • Frequent peeing.

4. Sensitive stomach

Does your pet have a sensitive stomach? Just like us, they can have sensitive tummies too! If is it so, then do not give eggplant to them.


  • Loss of appetite.
  • Loose or watery diarrhea.
  • Vomiting.
  • Nausea.

5. Anemonia

The nasunin absorbs binds with iron content and removes it from the cells. So, eggplant is a red light if your pet has pre-existing conditions like Anemonia.


  • Pale gums.
  • Low energy.
  • Weight reduction.
  • Bloody stool.

Now, after all the important information related to the impact of eggplant, it’s time to feed them carefully. After all it is important to consider the real insights of ‘Can dog eat Eggplant safely in different cooking styles?

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Best Ways To Feed Eggplant To Dogs

Can Dogs Eat Eggplant

Here are some ways how to Feed Your Dog With Eggplant:

1. Eggplant is non-toxic in raw form.

Your pet can eat raw eggplant in moderate quantities. But we believe your pet won’t like its bitter taste.

2. Cooked eggplant flushes out harmful components

Does this point make you wonder, “Can dogs eat eggplant cooked?”  Well. The good thing about feeding completely cooked eggplant over raw one is that it destroys the harmful components. Even your furball will enjoy its taste.

However, not all cooking procedures are healthy and safe for your fluffy friends. You will understand everything by the end of this sub-topic.

3. Eggplant skin

Well, many dog lovers come up with the thought of feeding eggplant skin but a question of “Can dogs eat the skin of eggplant? Often stops them doing so. But eggplant skin is completely safe for your pooch. So there is no need to peel its skin before cooking.

4. Eggplant cooking techniques

Cooking styles can vary but you can bake it, roast it, grill it, or boil it, without seasoning it at all. Furthermore, do not add any sort of spices that can irritate your pet.

5. Organic eggplant

Always eat organic vegetables which have no pesticides. It applies to your pets too! Organically grown veggies are far better than artificial ones. Though they are expensive but pose no or little risk for your fur babies.

Frequently asked questions 

1. Can dogs eat eggplant parmesan?

No. Feeding eggplant parmesan is not good for your furry pal’s health. Sources say that dairy products should mostly be avoided. As parmesan, has a high amount of cheese, it can take a toll on your pet’s health. Furthermore, it has lots of onion and garlic too. So we suggest you keep your pets away from this dish.

2. Is eggplant poisonous to dogs?

No. Eggplants are not poisonous to your pets. However, some dogs may have allergic reactions after consumption. So overall, this veggie is safe for furry friends.

3 When to see vet if you have given eggplant to your dog?

Contact and rush to your nearby animal hospital, if your pet is acting strange, feeling drowsy, unconscious, nauseous, or tired.

4 Are Eggplant leaves poisonous to dogs? 

Yes. The leaves of eggplant are poisonous to your pets. They contain a natural pesticide called solanine which can ruin your pet’s digestive health. In addition to this, it can cause your furry mate to feel disoriented, upset stomach, have diarrhea, and feel nauseous.

5. Is eggplant with egg good for dogs?

Yes, both eggs and eggplants are safe for your pet. Both have similar nutrients. However, your pet does not need them moderately. So we suggest you avoid giving both together. Or you can feed them on alternate days without any seasoning.

6. Can dogs eat fried eggplants?

No. Fried food of any sort can be harmful to your pooch. Frying veggies like eggplant can increase the oil, calories, and excess fats. Thus, it is unhealthy for your canine buddy.


So, now you know the better answer to this question which is Yes! they can eat it. But eating in moderation is the best practice. As you saw there are various health benefits. But there are certain side effects of Eggplant too.

And if your pooch is suffering from certain ailments. Then avoid feeding this vegetable. If you are unsure, then you can always take help from a vet. Also, prepare the eggplant as we mentioned in this read. Stay tuned for more.
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