can dogs eat marshmallows
Can Dog Eat

can dogs eat Marshmallows?

As pet owners and dog lovers, you worry about what kinds of foods or quality should be fed to your loving pet. And then, idea pop-ups of feeding tempting marshmallows! We understand that a cuddly, loving pet loves to grab all the marshmallows in a blink of an eye.

But, can dogs eat Marshmallows? Do Marshmallows Have Any Nutritional Value? Are marshmallows good for dogs?

Well, unfortunately, sweet marshmallows have a bitter relationship with dogs. Thus, serving sweet marshmallows to dogs is a Big NO!

Having mentioned that, the real reason for marshmallows’ denial lies in their nutritional value that comes along with some harmful effects. So, let’s know some specifics of marshmallows and the reasons to avoid it.

Nutritional Value In Marshmallow

The main components are gelatine, sugar, water, and air. Ohh right!! Gelatine is an animal protein, so marshmallows are technically not vegetarian.  Furthermore, a regular marshmallow of 7.2g has the following nutrition.

Carbohydrates SugarDietary fibre                 5.9g 4.1g0
Nutrition In Marshmallow

Likewise, there are varieties of marshmallows that are tempting and hence come up with questions like, Can dogs eat mini marshmallows? Or Can dogs eat toasted marshmallows or eat jet puffed marshmallows?

Let’s know all of them so you can stay away from them timely.

Varieties Of Marshmallows And Nutritional Value

If different varieties of marshmallows get you questions’ like, Can dogs eat mini marshmallows? Can dogs eat toasted marshmallows?Or Can dogs eat toasted marshmallows or eat jet puffed marshmallows?

Well, the answer is still NO! One or two won’t harm if it’s eaten once in a while.

And the reason is pretty clear if you see the nutritional values of each below:

Mini Marshmallow Nutritional Value:

Total calories30
Mini Marshmallow Nutritional Value:

Toasted Marshmallow Nutritional Value:

Total calories110
Toasted Marshmallow Nutritional Value:

Jet Puffed Nutritional Value:

Jet Puffed Nutritional Value:

To combine all these varieties and ask yourself if it is okay for pet consumption?

To put it simply, marshmallows contain 60% sugar and 2% protein and the sugar is what makes it harmful for dogs! With that being mentioned, let’s also consider why veterinarians suggest not to feed marshmallows to the dogs.

Why Are Marshmallows Bad For Dogs?

Veterinarians advise not to feed marshmallows to dogs because of the following reasons.

  • The high level of sugar and calories are disadvantageous to dogs because of the inability of their system and causes tooth decay.
  • If you ask, can puppies eat marshmallows? Then remember, high sugar will lead to obesity and reduce the resistance to insulin. Once dogs gain weight it is not easy to lose it.
  • Even after indigestion, the marshmallows may show signs of affecting the liver.
  • It can cause hypoglycemia which can kill a dog or the puppy in an hour.
  • Most importantly, the doctors give precautionary advice against xylitol presence in marshmallows which are detrimental for dogs.

Wondering what Xylitol is?

Well, it is an artificial sweetener that is deemed unhealthy for dogs. And, according to the vets, the intake of marshmallows has some major harmful effects, like:

  • containing xylitol can cause low blood sugar in the body which may lead to seizures and the death of the dog.
  • excessive intake of the marshmallows carrying xylitol may lead to problems of ataxia (meaning-affecting muscle control, which causes the inability to control movement), vomiting, diarrhoea, etc.

But, if now you think marshmallows without xylitol are okay to eat?

Well, the answer is still No!

Even without xylitol, they are equally harmful. Eating too many can upset the gastrointestinal, lack of appetite, vomiting, and diarrhoea. The prolonging of such symptoms can lead to pancreatitis.

After knowing all the harmful effects of marshmallows, if you really want to feed marshmallows to dogs, and wonder, How many marshmallows can be considered safe?

Let’s know some safe ways!

Ways To Feed Marshmallows To Dogs

is marshmallows safe for dogs?
is marshmallows safe for dogs?

Well, we know, sometimes, it is all about tastes and preferences. And so if you know the right way to feed them, it can still be enjoyed!  So, let’s me know the factors to consider to feed Marshmallows to your little pet:

  • The consumption of one or two mini marshmallows is safe.  But more than can cause real health issues as mentioned above.
  • You can feed marshmallows to your dog once in a blue moon

What to do if your dog ate multiple marshmallows accidentally?

  • Check the ingredients of the marshmallow package to see if it is free from sugar or contains any artificial sugar like xylitol or any other.
  • After confirming the presence of artificial sugar, especially xylitol, immediately call your vet or Pet Poison Helpline. The vet will prefer to make the dog vomit to remove the marshmallow toxicity if the time of consumption is about a couple of hours.
  • If the marshmallow consumed contains normal sugar like mini-marshmallows, look out for symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea in the next 2 to 3 days. If it happens, a checkup is required.

Hence, precaution is better than cure!!

Moving ahead, let us also share some quick important searches that pet owners are always looking forward to knowing!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens if a dog eats marshmallows?

The dog may have immediate symptoms of vomiting and diarrhoea, which will require the immediate help of vets. It is better not to include marshmallows in the diet.

2. How many marshmallows can a dog have?

It is advisable to avoid marshmallows completely. One or two marshmallows once in a blue moon are allowed.

3. How do you make marshmallows dog-friendly?

You can make homemade marshmallows using the following ingredients- unflavored gelatin,  honey, water, a bit of vanilla extract, salt, and coconut flour. Other healthy substitutes are also allowed.

4. Can dogs eat jet puffed marshmallows?

The harms remain the same irrespective of what type of marshmallow is. To be safer, prefer marshmallows without artificial sweeteners, especially xylitol.

To Summarise

The above information can be concluded as DOGS CAN’T EAT MARSHMALLOWS be it of any kind. The effects of it can be very detrimental for your dog and even cost your lovely pet’s life. But, the dogs can be rewarded with a marshmallow once in a long while.

Live a healthy life with your pet, and have great days ahead..!

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