Can Dogs Eat Pinto Beans
Can Dog Eat

Can Dogs Eat Pinto Beans?

Can dogs eat pinto beans? So the answer is yes! Pinto beans are actually a perfect source of protein for your dog. Pinto is high in fiber and will help in your Poonch’s digestion. But wait! Before you rush out to shop to buy bags of pinto beans for your dog, there are a few things for you to take into consideration.

And, in this article, we have tried to solve all your doubts like Are pinto beans toxic to dogs? Or Can dogs eat canned pinto beans?

So, let’s jump into the main insights!

Pinto Beans Theory

There’s no doubt, that pinto beans have a number of health benefits for your dog, but the key is moderation. An excess amount of good things can easily turn into harmful, especially in animals. Keep in mind that although they are beneficial, for your pooch to eat, pinto beans are not a part of their natural diet.

Now let’s see the health benefits of pinto beans.

What Are The Health Benefits of Pinto Beans

Pinto beans are extremely nutritious beans. They have several health benefits. Now if you’re thinking, Are pinto beans bad for dogs? Then let me tell you it’s completely wrong! They are non-toxic and have a range of beneficial vitamins and nutrients. Benefits of pinto beans include:

  • Lowered cholesterol levels: By adding pinto beans to your dog’s diet you can lower their cholesterol levels. Eventually, you protect him from risks of any cardiovascular diseases.
  • Pinto beans help to fight oxidative damage: These beans are high in antioxidants, so it can help your pet fight free radicals that cause oxidative stress or damage to his body’s cells.
  • Help in better digestion: Generally, beans are rich in dietary fibre, this improves bowel movements and prevents constipation in dogs.
  • Boosts Your Dog’s Brain Functions: Pinto beans are rich in nutrients like folates and choline like the other beans. These nutrients are helpful in improving brain functions. 
  • Source of energy: Pinto beans contain 2 to 4 times more protein than any other typical grains. Therefore having some pinto beans will provide him a natural energy boost.
  • Pinto beans are inexpensive: These beans are inexpensive and easy to prepare. So you can add them in your dog’s diet without thinking twice about your budget.

Remember, these health benefits come from whole, home-cooked pinto beans. And now when you know the health benefits of pinto beans, you shouldn’t skip the side effects of pinto beans.

If you’re feeding pinto beans for the first time, then there might be some side effects.

General Risk factors Related To Pinto Beans:

Well! This is a known fact, pinto beans are non-toxic and they are actually fine to give your pooch, still, there are a few concerns you must be aware of. Always keep in mind, moderation is key. If you’re feeding them too much it can become a problem. Risk factors to take into consideration include:


While pinto contains beneficial vitamins and minerals, we can’t neglect the fact that they are also high in calories. You’ll need to pay attention to the amount you serve and the caloric intake to prevent weight issues and obesity.

Gas and bloating:

Another health issue regarding Pinto beans, and other types of beans as well, is they can make your dog produce a lot of gas. Actually, the outer covering of beans and other legumes has a lot of short-chain carbohydrates (oligosaccharides), that your dog’s digestive system may find difficult to break down.
As a result, oligosaccharides then bypass the digestion and reach your dog’s colon. Here resident bacteria digest them, and gas is produced as a by-product of fermentation.

And of course! Gas is a natural thing that you don’t need to worry about. However, if you don’t want a gassy dog then feed Pinto beans in moderation to your dog.


Undoubtedly fibre helps in better digestion but excess amounts of it can’t easily be absorbed by the dog’s system. If you give your dog a lot of Pinto beans, then as a result, the higher level of fibre in the beans can temporarily slow down the dog’s bowel movements and cause cramping.


Fiber can help prevent constipation in dogs, on the other hand, if you allow your dog to take a lot of Pinto beans, he can actually suffer from constipation symptoms. The reason is Pinto beans are rich in both soluble and insoluble fibers and the former needs liquid to move it through your pet’s system.

After knowing all the benefits and side effects of Pinto Beans, we are certain that you would definitely like to add it to your pet’s routine.

But wondering, how can I add beans to my Dog’s diet?

Let’s find out!

Best Ways to Feed Pinto Beans to Dogs

Can Dogs Eat Pinto Beans?
Can Dogs Eat Pinto Beans

Pinto beans can be served in different forms you can cook them or you can give them raw. You can even mash pinto beans before serving them. The mashed beans digest easily and also offer a greater nutritional value. Let us tell a perfect combination

Pinto Beans and Rice

Wondering, can dogs eat pinto beans and rice?

Well, the answer is yes! Dogs can eat pinto beans and rice, as when they’re served together, they’re considered a complete protein.

If both of them are taken together then they can be a great source of some amino acids like leucine, valine, and lysine. But it doesn’t mean

But, there is a quick way to feed:

  • You need to replace one of your dog’s meals with pinto beans and rice every few weeks to meet the requirements of all nutrients like minerals, carbohydrates, and vitamins.
  • If you are preparing pinto beans with rice, make sure to prepare them without onions, garlic, spices, or spicy chilis as these can be toxic for your dog.

We hope this combination will be a perfect meal for your pet. Besides, there are a lot more other alternatives available as well, like, pumpkin seeds. However, everything has a right way and quantity to consider,

So, lets us know more about other varieties of Pinto Beans with its limitations.

Pinto Beans Meal Varieties with Limitations

Pinto beans can be served in different forms like you can cook them or you can give them raw. You can even mash pinto beans before serving them. The mashed beans digest easily and also offer a greater nutritional value.  But

Raw Pinto Beans:

It is not good to give raw pinto beans to your dog. But if you wish to feed them the way, here are the quick steps:

  • First, you need to soak them overnight in water to make them cookable.
  • For one pound of dried beans, you need ten cups of cold water in a big pot to soak them.

Canned pinto beans:

If you’re wondering Can dogs eat canned pinto beans?

Well, canned pinto beans can often contain added preservatives, salt, and sometimes sugar, these are not good for your dog’s health.

Still, if you want to feed your dog with canned beans, then you must give it a thorough rinse to reduce the added ingredients.

Also, it is recommended to avoid canned beans. Moreover, if you find any additional seasoning or additives that may be harmful to your dog’s health.  You need to read the label properly to be sure about the ingredient.

Refried pinto beans:

Refried pinto beans are not good for your dog’s health. Refried pintos have harmful ingredients that can affect your pooch’s health. It may have onions and garlic, which can be toxic for your dog.

Now as you know different ways to feed pinto beans. You must be curious to know about the quantity of them! To resolve your doubt let’s know the suitable quantity.

How many beans can I give my dog?

Pinto beans are a great source of fiber and protein, but knowing the exact way of including pinto beans in your dog’s diet is a must.

Below are the quick criteria for feeding the right amount of pinto beans

  •  Do not exceed 10% of your pooch’s weekly diet.
  • Moreover,  it can cause problems like gas and constipation. Hence, it is important to keep a check on quantity. The quantity certainly depends on your dog’s size. We recommend you not to give more than a couple of tablespoons every few days.
  • You can add pinto beans to your dog’s existing food a few times a week. Maybe your dog does not enjoy or tolerate them well, so giving in fewer amounts will give you a good indication of any kind of reaction.
  • Pinto beans need to be thoroughly rinsed as discussed previously and cooked before serving. Cooking will take 2-3 hours. You can cook them even fast if you soak them overnight.

Precaution to Take Before Feeding Pinto Beans

  • A well-balanced and high-quality feed should always be considered for your dog’s nutritional plan.
  • Before serving pinto beans should be washed thoroughly and cooked properly.
  • There is a compound found in raw beans called Phytohemagglutinin that is hazardous to dogs when consumed in excess amounts. Although this chemical can be found in cooked beans also, the concentration is so less and completely nontoxic.

Summing up

Pinto beans are not only safe for your dog but also provide a number of health benefits as well. Pintos contain higher levels of protein and fiber, which are essential components for a balanced diet for your dog. Not only that, they are pocket friendly and easy to cook. The only consequence of pinto beans is when they are given in excess amounts.

Lastly, yes! your dog can eat pinto beans, and they will actually make a nutritious base to your dog’s regular diet!

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