can dogs eat raw bacon
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Can Dogs Eat Raw Bacon?

As you all know, Bacon is the salted and smoked Pig meat of two types, raw and cooked. Just like humans, dogs also drool over it! We know you see your pet’s temptation for the yummy bacon. But It’s good to know in advance if giving the dog bacon is even worth it or not or can dogs eat raw bacon?

The answer to the question ‘can dog eat bacon bits’ or can dogs eat cooked bacon comes with some limitations.  Moreover, if you are seeking an exact answer, it is advisable to avoid it in their routine diet, be it cooked or in its raw form.

Reasons To Avoid Bacon In Dogs Diet

  • One serve of bacon includes around 233 calories, which can prove pretty heavy if given frequently.
  • Bacon increases the dog’s thirst as a result of which he intakes more water than necessary.
  • Some dogs are inherently allergic to pork food and feeding bacon can prove fatal. 

Henceforth, bacon should be kept far away from a dog at all chances.

But if the situation demands you can’t help his cravings, then we got you with some of the Safest Way to Feed Bacon to Dogs!

How To Feed Bacon to Dogs: Raw Or Cooked?

Excess to everything is bad. But if given in moderation, fed in the right manner knowing all dos and don’ts, you can bid adieu to all harmful repercussions that can result after eating bacon. Lucky for you, we have compiled all such little details of raw and cooked bacon that you need to keep in mind!

Way To Feed Raw Bacon

Isn’t it so convincing to just hand over a strip of bacon to your dog without needing to cook? Well, that’s exactly what you shouldn’t be doing. Read on to know the best way to feed your dog raw bacon.

Safest Way to Feed

  • Give it in small pieces to keep its intake in moderation.
  • Cook bacon at a mild temperature as it cuts off a lot of fats on it.
  • Replace the raw bacon with some bacon-flavored dog food!

Are There Dog Foods Made with Bacon,

These dog treats are the best alternatives to bacon.  These come in a freeze-dried form in a variety of shapes filled with the apt amount of bacon goodness and packed with nutrients like protein, fiber, and moisture.

Besides this, these readymade bacon strips are also available paired with safe and healthy products like nutritious oats.

Plus, they are natural and chew-friendly, and if 2 strips are given occasionally, it will be the safest mode to eat some raw bacon! 

After the safest way to feed, the next bit of the article will solve all your dilemmas regarding How Much Bacon Can You Feed a Dog.

Right Quantity to Feed Raw Bacon

While feeding them with raw bacon, ¼ of a bacon strip is enough for puppies, although the quantity increases up to ½ a strip for a larger dog.

But why give such small portions of bacon to your dog? That’s because of the harmful effects it carries!

Harmful Effects Of Raw Bacon

  • Raw bacon contains bacteria and viruses resulting in worms that can lead to food poisoning or parasitic infection of trichinosis
  • Being high in calories due to its sodium composition, it can induce the chances of obesity.
  • Overfeeding of raw bacon causes an upset stomach resulting in lethargy, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and even fever.

However, it does have some health benefits too that make that little bite justifiable!

Health Benefits Of Raw Bacon

  • Raw bacon is rich in protein, and good for your dog’s muscular strength.
  • Having a bite of raw bacon is enough to fulfil your dog’s sodium needs and prevents dehydration too!
  • It makes your dog pretty full for a long time.

Now you know what merits and demerits raw bacon holds for your dog. However, while knowing the after-effects of eating raw bacon, one should also have a fair idea to treat them!

 Treatment To Cure Harmful Effects

  • To treat indigestion after having raw bacon, fasting for 12-14 hours can be ideal.
  • When your dog is vomiting or has diarrhoea, offer your dog ice chips instead of water to keep water intake balanced.
  • Give him fluid therapy to fight excess sodium intake after having raw bacon.

Now, be careful and follow all the guidelines next time you give your dog some raw bacon. Let’s head over to the cautions of feeding crispy cooked bacon.

Ways TO Feed Cooked Bacon

can dogs eat raw bacon
can dogs eat raw bacon?

There is no doubt everyone loves the crispy hot bacon but just like raw bacon, its intake is also attached to some conditions! Let’s know how you can make this one-time snack for your dog safe too!

Safest Way to Feed Cooked Bacon

Since all you need to take care of while feeding cooked bacon is to drain off the extra grease that accumulates on its stop and give it in the right quantity.

Right Quantity to Feed Cooked Bacon

When giving cooked bacon, ½ bit for small dogs and for big dogs, 1 strip is good to go! Like raw bacon, its quantity is restricted because of the harmful effects it carries. can dogs eat raw bacon?

Harmful Effects to Feed Cooked Bacon

  • It has seasonings that might not be best for your dog’s pancreas, causing deadly diseases like pancreatitis.
  • Bacon is cooked at high temperatures, leading to the formation of heterocyclic amines which can give rise to cancerous tissues.
  • Furthermore, if you think, is bacon grease good for dogs? Absolutely not! It clogs the arteries causing heart problems. Also, it’s the nasty grease of cooked bacon that your dog craves!

However, cooked bacon is preferred over raw bacon due to some of its health benefits that the latter lacks.

Health Benefits of Cooked Bacon

  • Cooked bacon is good for a dog’s skin.
  • Having this tasty snack can lift up your dog’s mood and you can see an instant rise in his energy levels!
  • Bacon has the appropriate amount of fats left in it after cooking which enables healthy brain development in puppies.
  • It can be paired up with meat and turkeys. But can dogs eat turkey bacon? Yes! This flavourful combination rich in nutrients and healthy fatty acids if given in moderation can be a good one-time snack.

Treatment To Cure Harmful Effects

At earlier stages of witnessing harmful effects, you can try to treat them at home by following tips:

  • Give them chamomile tea routinely to prevent any stomach pain caused by the rise of cancerous tissues or other diseases.
  • Giving super bland diets and strictly following it for 2 weeks at least.
  • Exercising them daily.

If the conditions keep getting worse, don’t delay your visit to the vet. He would be checking your dog thoroughly and finding the core problem caused by the bacon, prescribing required injectable medication, and hospitalization in rare cases! can dogs eat raw bacon?

Henceforth, now it’s safe to say that you wouldn’t lack any information to decide whether the bacon is really worth the trouble or not! Another thing that often confuses dog owners is Do Dogs Need Bacon or Pork?

 Let’s solve this jig up!

Feeding Preference: Bacon Vs Pork

Now you have a fair idea on how bacon is not worth it for your dog’s health so the real question that stands is if pork is worth it? Let’s see!

Has nutritional values like magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc and fat-soluble vitamin DLacks in carrying fat-soluble vitamin D
Has no additives prior to cooking.Has large amounts of sodium and other additives get added in their raw form.  
Requires cooking.Does Not necessarily require cooking and can be eaten in its raw form.

This shows that pork definitely has a little edge over bacon.

Should You Feed Your Dog Pork?

When it comes to your dog wanting pork, it’s best to ignore the desire as pork. Like bacon, pork is very fatty and isn’t something to be included in a dog’s primary diet. Although, you can feed your dog pork in limited portions on rare occasions!

However, there are situations where pork shouldn’t be given.

When Pork Isn’t Okay for Dogs?

Here are the conditions where pork can prove a disaster for your dog’s health:

  • If the pork is Raw or uncooked.
  • If the pork strip isn’t a lean cut.
  • If the pork isn’t properly refrigerated for 2-4 days before cooking.

Regardless of these events, having pork over bacon is a wonderful choice!

Bacon and pork do have some benefits too but they can never overpower the cons it holds for your dog and it’s not wise to do anything that can put your dog in little danger also!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens if a dog eats bacon?

If a dog has eaten bacon, he can suffer from lethargy, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and even fever. One must visit the vet to prevent any severe diseases!

2. Can one piece of bacon hurt a dog?

No, one piece of bacon wouldn’t hurt a dog given that it’s not given frequently

3. Can dog eat pork sausage?

Pork sausage should be completely out of the dog menu as it’s high in fat and salt and also contains seasonings rich in onion or garlic powder not good for a dog’s health!


To conclude, it’s not that your dog can’t have some raw bacon to appease his taste buds, but it’s better to avoid it always as along with the savory aroma comes some bad consequences for health. Although, following all the safety guidelines suggested in that article, you can let them have bacon in a safe way too! A better option is switching to dog treats that are of bacon flavor!

Hope this article helps fulfill your purpose!

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