can dogs have rib bones
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Can Dogs Have Rib Bones?

Do you want to feed to pet dog something that can be enjoyed while chewing? And wonder, can dogs have rib bones?

Well, Dogs enjoy chewing the bones. However, giving small rib bones to them may put them at high risk.

Dog’s stomach consists of a particular acid that helps to break down these rib bones in the stomach making to kill the possible bacteria. Thus, eating bones may lead to a life-threatening situation.

Hence it should always be avoided.

Let’s see how injurious rib bones can be for dogs!

Dangerous Side-Effect Of Rib Bones On Dogs

Cause Internal Bleeding:

The sharp edgy bones can be enjoyable. But it can damage the internal organ that can cause internal bleeding.

Chocking concern:

It can be a choking hazard as these bones get shredded very easily and are very small in size. Moreover, if it gets stuck in the esophagus (anywhere from the throat down to the stomach), it may cause excessive drooling, coughing, rubbing the head and tail, and vomiting.

Cause Tongue Injury:

Rib bones have sharp edges. As a result, your pup can also break his teeth while chewing. And hence, it can cause tongue injury as well.

Cause organ Damage:

Cooked rib bones will make rib bone soft. However, it can break easily into the pieces inside the mouth and can damage the organs once swallowed.

Cause Food Poisoning:

Raw rib bones consist of bacteria and hence can because of food poising.

Moving forward, with the risks involved in feeding rib bones to your pup, we would like to highlight that, there are no real benefits of rib bones for dogs. It is a dangerous meal for dogs that should always be avoided.

With that being mentioned, here are some symptoms that should be taken into immediate consideration and visited veterans immediately.

When To See A Vet

The vet is the dog’s doctor. Whenever a dog faces any below issue you should see a vet.

  • If the dog changes the color of the stool to black, it indicates that internal bleeding is happening
  • If your dog got sick after eating bone-like vomiting or sleeping a lot
  • If your dog gets internally injured post swelling the bone

Besides, if you have already fed rib bones your little pup. Keep reading to know the first-aid technique.

Quick First Aid To Prevent The Illness From Eating Rib Bone

can dogs have rib bones
can dogs have rib bones

The best treatment is to give the pumpkin seeds in the ratio of the weight, which means

  • For small dogs, you can give 1 teaspoon of seeds
  • For big dogs, you can give 1-2 tablespoon

Pumpkin seeds contain potassium, iron, minerals, and Vitamin A, C, and E which is a good source of digestion for dogs.

Till now we have seen all the disadvantages of giving rib bones to your pet and how bad it can make your dog suffer that they might need to be taken to the vet.

Are you still thinking that can dogs have rib bones? Well, please stop giving your pets the small-sized cooked rib.

Besides, there are substitutes of bones available that you can feed to the dog. Come let’s see the best available substitute which can be given to your dogs  

Best Alternatives Of Bones For Dogs

1. Prime Rib Bones To The Dogs

Wondering, Can dogs have prime rib bones? Yes!

The prime rib bone is one of the best choices for dog owners. It is the most suitable raw bone for dogs. Prime rib bone being the most delicate area makes the rib bone softer and easily digestible if taken in raw form.

Hence, this makes the bone bit expensive. Maximum owners don’t prefer to put this bone in the dog’s meal on a daily basis as it is too hefty in their pockets.

Tip To Feed Prime Bone:  The prime rib is the bone that should be cut between the 6th to 12th ribs of the cow. it should be completely stripped of its fats and meat. Also, the bone should never be cooked too.

2. Baby Back Rib Bones

Well, if the question Can a dog have a baby’s back rib bones is haunting you. then you are at the right place.

Yes, you can give your dog baby back rib bones but only in raw form.

Tip To Feed baby back rib bones:  Don’t give this bone to your dog in cooked form as it may lead to a serious health issue for your pup. Moreover, it is good to take advice from your pet vet.

3. Spare Rib Bones

If you are thinking can dogs have spare rib bones? Well, yes!

Dogs can freely chew the raw spare rib bones anytime under their owner’s supervision.

Tip To Feed Spare Rib Bone: Should be given under supervision.

Now, after gathering the information on alternatives, we found out that there are some common queries that dog owners keep searching for answers to too!

So, we decided to line them up under our next section. Keep reading!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. Can I give my dog cooked rib bones?

No, you should never give cooked rib bone to your pet. Rather, you can give a fresh and raw bone to suffice the taste and the chewing need of the dog.

2. What kind of bones is safe for dogs?

Except for pork rib bones, dogs can enjoy any raw rib bone of beef, lamb, chicken, etc. A dog can enjoy the raw rib bones which are big in size and are naturally soft.

3. Can dogs digest pork bones?

No, pork bones are not easily digestible as they get cracked and splinter when chewed. It might take 24 to 48 hr. time to digest. The best digestible bone is chicken bones which are easy to digest as they are soft in nature. Rest all bones are not easily digestible.

4. Can a dog have beef rib bones?

Yes, eating raw beef ribs is fine. Beef ribs are hard and big in size which is fine for dogs to chew and serve their need for chewing

5. Can a dog have pork rib bones?

No, Pork rib bones should not be given to the dog in cooked or raw form. These bones are not at all safer for dogs. Pork rib’s size is too small making it a choking hazard and is not easily digestible and can also impact the internal organ as this bone splits easily.


To conclude, the answer for can dogs have rib bones, or can dogs have cooked rib bones?   We can say that it is a big “No” to feed rib bones to the pet. However, you can look for the best alternative and make the best choice for them. Moreover, it is important to always keep in mind the ways of feeding and consult the vet for the best advice.

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